Down Under – The Grampians 2016

October 2, 2016

We are sat in the van at Castle Hill; it’s raining, and the cloud is low, enveloping the surrounding snow-capped peaks. It’s a spectacular setting to go bouldering, people told us this, but it’s something I would strongly advise seeing yourself; no words, or pictures can do it justice. So whilst I sip on my […]

Vive le Surf (David)

58 Days in the Forest of Fontainebleau.

April 2, 2016

My time in Fontainebleau has come to an end and as I sit on the ferry back to England I am left to contemplate the last two months and what it has meant to me. I have experienced some immense lows in my own personal climbing and battled through mind games to come out a […]



January 3, 2016

After coming back from South Africa in early July I had a few weeks off from climbing; I had trained hard for King of Limbs and thought my body deserved a rest! Now resting is something I very rarely do but (I think) I managed to have two weeks completely off! I visited my Dad […]

Katy Whittaker on her successful lead of the infamous Gaia at Black Rocks.

Desert Island Climbs: Part One

August 11, 2015

Inspired by UKC I thought I would have a crack at writing my own Desert Island Climbs; after all who doesn’t want to be whisked away to a desert island with eight of their favourite climbs?! Although I don’t have a vast breadth of ascents (obviously why I haven’t heard from them), I think describing […]

The iron cross on King of Limbs.

King of Limbs

June 11, 2015

I haven’t blogged for a long time; this wasn’t down to bone idleness or not having anything worthy to report, it’s just that I wasn’t inspired to write. Every time I sat down and attempted to put pen to pad, or keys to screen nothing would come out. However it’s a rainy day in Rocklands […]

El Corazon 2

Rocklands 2014: Projecting

August 12, 2014

Why do we climb? What is it about this past time that gets us hooked? Is it the great outdoors or the travel to new, exotic places? The buzz we get from reaching the top or the endorphin rush from pushing our body to the limit? Some may desire the ability to go into the […]

A Lonely Figure


June 28, 2014

Earlier this year I spent seven weeks in the United States and whilst I didn’t set the world alight with 8C ticks I did notice improvement in my own personal climbing. Over the period I managed 36 climbs of V10 and harder including a rare (ish) repeat of Li, a short power based problem established […]

The Hourglass copy


June 7, 2014

It is about a month since I arrived home from Sweden. It was probably my most successful climbing trip to date. I managed to climb fourteen out of the seventeen days I was there and in that time managed 33 boulders of 7C and harder including two first ascents and three 8A flashes. I had […]

Meshuga copy


November 7, 2013

I am a boulderer at heart but living in the Peak District one is constantly reminded of the amazing trad routes on the gritstone. The history of climbing in the Peak from Puttrell to Brown and Whillians to Fawcett, Moffatt and Dawes, all revolves around the mental challenge and tenacity of HARD GRIT! I remember […]

Dragon Flower

Rocklands 2013

September 13, 2013

Six weeks fly by and it is time to return to rainy, grey Sheffield! We have had our fair share of storms whilst in Rocklands but towards the end it was really starting to heat up as their winter morphs into spring. I love going home! I always do, wherever I have been and for […]

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