Rocklands 2013

September 13, 2013

Six weeks fly by and it is time to return to rainy, grey Sheffield! We have had our fair share of storms whilst in Rocklands but towards the end it was really starting to heat up as their winter morphs into spring. I love going home! I always do, wherever I have been and for […]


March 8, 2013

On Monday 4th March I climbed my most significant boulder problem to date. Superman at Crag X in the Peak District is a non-descript eliminate up a gently overhanging buttress of limestone.  It could well be the hardest thing I have climbed but for me that is not the reason that it means so much…. […]

Both Sides of the Spectrum

October 8, 2012

Before I start I must warn you this blog is all about one boulder. I normally try not to bore you with the specifics of a send but the significance of this climb to me warrants the specificity in my opinion. Both Sides of the Spectrum was put up in 2007 by Harry Robertson, later […]


August 1, 2011

This was my first piece of published writing from Climber magazine, August 2011. I am sat here in the Climbing Works, the cold dampness of a February morning surrounds me. A hot, wake-me up coffee and the surprisingly melodic beat of techno as my company. I am puzzling over the link between climbing and coffee! […]

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